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Register a Company in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 07th October 2020

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Types of companies in Ireland

Many foreign investors are attracted by the low taxation system Ireland has and by the specialized workforce. Considering the modifications brought to the Company Act in 2014 which simplify the company incorporation procedure, Ireland has become even more attractive. Our team of specialists in company registration in Ireland can assist with advice on the main advantages brought to local and foreign investors under the latest version of the Companies Act.
Foreign businessmen can now set up more types of companies than before, which are divided into the following basic categories: limited liability companies, single member companies and unlimited companies. Of course, foreign companies can also expand their business operations on the Irish market through a branch office or a subsidiary, which are also stipulated under the local commercial legislation. 
However, companies in Ireland are mostly registered as limited liability companies; this is given by the fact that such entities are the most suitable option for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also due to the fact that investors have the highest level of protection regarding any types of corporate debts. The Irish limited liability companies are divided into:
  • • private company limited by shares – it can be set up by one to four members, who have the quality of shareholders;
  • • designated activity company limited by shares – it is founded based on a constitution, a statutory document that is comprised of the articles of association and the memorandum;
  • • designated activity company limited by guarantee  - this type of company is defined under the Part 16 of the Companies Act 2014;
  • company limited by guarantee – this type of company is incorporated without a share capital;
  • • public limited company – it has similar traits with the private limited company, but the company can be listed on the stock exchange and it may also sell its shares to the general public (two options that are not available for the private limited company). 
Our experts in company formation in Ireland will inform you about the characteristics of each type of company. Whether you are interested in setting up a limited company in Ireland or in establishing any other type of company, our consultants can assist you through the entire company registration procedure. In case you need other types of services, such as assistance in immigration matters in Ireland or obtaining a visa for New Zealand, we can put you in contact with our partners.


Requirements for company registration in Ireland

There are few steps that have to be completed during the procedure of company registration in Ireland; the country benefits from a relatively simple incorporation procedure (compared to other countries), and the investors will have to provide a set of documents and information with the local authorities. Some of the main steps are presented below:
  • • reserving a suitable company name with the Irish Trade Register (investors can provide several options in this sense);
  • • draft and sign the statutory documents of the company (corporate bodies are founded based on the articles of association);
  • • establish where the registered address of the company is (a compulsory requirement for Irish companies);
  • • establish who the directors and the secretary are (the number of directors can vary based on the legal entity selected for incorporation); 
  • • obtain specific business permits and licenses that can be required for certain types of business activities. 
The new Irish Company Act contains a draft model for the articles of association, which simplifies significantly the registration procedure. Another requirement of the Company Act is that at least one of the directors is an Irish resident. Private limited companies are not required to deposit a minimum share capital, only Irish public companies being requested to have a minimum share capital of  EUR 25,000.


Why start a branch office or a subsidiary in Ireland? 

One of the ways through which foreign investors can open a company in Ireland is by registering a branch office or a subsidiary. In practice, both of these structures are considered sub-divisions of the parent company abroad, but there are a set of relevant differences. For instance, the branch office has limited powers and it is not seen as an independent structure, while the subsidiary is considered a separate legal entity, with a set of management powers. 
The formalities for opening one of these business structures are rather similar, but the registration of a branch has fewer legal requirements. Even so, the branch office has to be registered with the Companies Registration Office, following the provisions stipulated by the Companies Act. The branch is legally required to be registered with this institution in a period of maximum one month since the investors have started the legal formalities for registering this structure. 
It is also important to know that the procedure of Irish company formation for this structure can be different based on the country of origin of the foreign company (there are different requirements for foreign companies that are registered in one of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the ones that are incorporated outside this region). Please note that companies outside the EU must comply with specific requirements when importing goods in the EU region; in this sense, it may be necessary to apply for EORI registration in Ireland
Thus, the registration with the Companies Registration Office needs to be done by filling different forms (EEA companies have to file the Form F12, while non-EEA businesses need to complete File 13 for the same registration procedure); our team of consultants in company formation in Ireland can assist with further information.  

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What is the situation of Irish businesses in Dublin?

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, where most of the businessmen (local and foreigners) prefer to register a company. There are numerous types of business activities developed in this city and our team of consultants in company registration in Ireland can advise on the specific procedures that have to be completed for each economic field. The situation of the Dublin registered businesses, as revealed by the Central Statistics Office, is presented below (for 2017): 
  • there were 12,515 active businesses registered in Dublin in the field of wholesale and retail trade;
  • the sector accounted for a total of 165,985 employees at the level of 2017;
  • the accommodation and food services activities in Dublin accounted for 4,166 businesses;
  • the financial sector (including insurance) accounted for 5,082 companies;
  • the information and communication sector registered 8,480 active businesses;
  • the manufacturing sector in Dublin was represented by 3,289 businesses;
  • the construction sector in the capital city accounted for 12,346 active companies. 
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Post company registration requirements in Ireland

Once the company registration procedure is concluded, there are several steps to follow in order for the business to become fully operational. If the Irish company will hire personnel it must register with the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) and PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance) systems in order to have the taxes imposed on employees calculated and deducted.
Companies exceeding certain annual revenue thresholds must conclude the VAT registration in Ireland. The thresholds depend on whether the company supplies goods or services. For personalized company incorporation services you can contact our specialists in company formation in Ireland, who can advise on any matter related to the registration of an Irish business.



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