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Initial Coin Offering in Ireland

Updated on Thursday 29th November 2018

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Initial-Coin-Offering-in-Ireland.jpgInitial coin offering (ICO) in Ireland designates a term through which a company can obtain funds from the public. This is done by issuing tokens or virtual coins that can be exchanged with other types of currencies, but in most cases, virtual currencies are used. When opening a company in Ireland that deals with ICOs, investors should also consider the tax regulations available for this type of business activity. 
However, it is necessary to mention that up until now, Ireland does not have a tax legislation which specifically addresses to ICOs; instead, the Irish Revenue Commissioners issued a guidance concerning the tax perspective on cryptocurrency investments, under the Taxation of Cryptocurrency Transactions (The Tax and Duty Manual); our team of consultants in Ireland company formation can offer in-depth information on the rules of law that can be applicable to Irish ICOs

What are the advantages of Irish ICOs? 

One of the advantages of starting an ICO investment in Ireland is given by the fact that, under the view of the Irish legislation, certain types of ICO activities can be exempted from value added tax; however, a close analysis regarding this matter should be conducted in order to verify if the specific ICO activity developed here is actually exempted from this tax and our team of specialists in company registration in Ireland can further advise on this matter. Other relevant advantages of Irish ICOs are presented below: 
  • ICOs investments can be very attractive in the field of blockchain technologies;
  • ICOs can benefit from a faster fundraising activity compared to the traditional means of obtaining capital;
  • businessmen investing in ICOs can easily target their investment markets in the online environment;
  • there are more types of tokens used for ICOs, such as the utility tokens and the security tokens

Do ICOs activities need to be licensed in Ireland? 

There is no statutory legislation regarding the issuance of a license for the operator of a digital platform issuing ICOs. However, investors may need to obtain an authorization for their transaction platform, depending on the nature of their digital assets. In the situation in which such assets are considered transferable securities, the operators will need to be registered with the institutions and we invite any businessman interested in this subject to contact our Ireland company formation experts for professional consultancy services addressed to this sector. 

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