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Establish a Hotel in Ireland

Updated on Thursday 29th November 2018

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Establish-a-Hotel-in-Ireland.jpgThe hotel industry in Ireland is a very productive economic sector; at the beginning of 2016, local authorities have announced the implementation of a new development project in this field, as an effect of the local and foreign demand for accommodation. As such, foreign investors with operations in the accommodation industry are advised to invest on this market, as there are many business opportunities in this sense, which can be further detailed by our team of Ireland company formation specialists


Legislation applicable to hotels in Ireland 

A hotel, regardless of the place where is situated, is a complex structure which requires a set of rules and regulations covering its activities related to accommodation, catering, employees and many others. Since hotels are categorized after the quality of services provided to its clients, a company incorporated in Ireland in this field has to register at a special institution supervising the activity of accommodation units
Hotels in Ireland are regulated by a star system awarded by Failte Ireland, under the rules of the Tourist Traffic Acts; in order to qualify as an accommodation unit, a hotel should receive at least a star (out of 5, which represent the highest class of hotels in the industry), that is awarded for hotels which provide the minimum requirements stipulated by the Irish legislation

Our experts in company formation in Ireland invite you to watch our interesting video about the process of opening a hotel in Ireland


Irish hotels – definition 

According to the legislation applicable in this domain, a legal entity offering accommodation is considered a hotel if the property has at least 10 rooms (with bathrooms) and if it provides breakfast and dinner. The legislation differs for hotels situated in Dublin Metropolitan District, where hotels are required to have at least 15 rooms. 
Only if these conditions are met, then the investor can register the hotel at the Failte Ireland, an institution which issues certificates that attest the quality of services offered by the accommodation unit; our Ireland company formation agents can offer more details about the requirements of the institution. 


Hotel classification scheme in Ireland  

Companies registered as a hotel in Ireland will receive a certificate from Failte Ireland, which will assess various aspects of the unit. The institution will verify, amongst many, the following: 
the premises of the building;
entrances and exits;
dining area;
kitchen premises;
lobby and lounges;
rooms and bathrooms;
safety and health regulations. 
The registration process of a company in Ireland is similar with the regular incorporation process, which refers to the drafting of the articles of association, choosing a legal entity (most of the companies in Ireland are incorporated as a limited liability company),register and comply with the requirements of the local authorities and establish a business address. 
If you need further information on the hotel industry in Ireland, please contact our team of Irish company formation representatives , who can assist you with expert advice on this matter. 

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