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Cryptocurrency Startup Business Ideas in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Cryptocurrency-Startup-Business-Ideas-in-Ireland.jpgWhy start a cryptocurrency business in Ireland? 

Ireland is one of the main European markets for cryptocurrency businesses, as the country is very well developed in the financial sector. Investors who want to open a company in Ireland should know that besides the investments concluded in the cryptocurrencies available at a global level, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, they may also start various transactions in the national virtual currency, the Irishcoin. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can provide legal assistance on the procedures related to the registration of a cryptocurrency business

Types of cryptocurrency businesses presented by our experts in company formation in Ireland 

Although the cryptocurrency sector is rather new on all international markets, numerous investors have already created a wide category of businesses which use virtual currencies. Some of the most successful start-up companies carry out their business operations in the following domains:
  • cryptocurrency exchange, set up as a business through which investors can exchange a wide range of virtual currencies;
  • gaming, which a developed field of activity accross the Irish territory;
  • gambling - a type of activity that is regulated by a set of rules of laws, including in the case of gambling operations carried out in the online environment;
  • cryptocurrency ATMs - Ireland was one of the first European markets that provided this type of ATM;
  • selling goods - at the moment, only several types of goods can be purchased by using virtual currencies;
  • payment gateways - investors use digital tokens to transfer various types of funds;
  • consultancy - specialists in the cryptocurrency sector can provide their services to those who want to invest in this industry; 
  • learning platforms are created with the purpose of educating the general public on the manner in which virtual currencies work.

Why start a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Ireland? 

One of the most common ways to start a business in Ireland in this sector is by setting up a cryptocurrency exchange platform, which has as a main purpose trading activities. In this sense, it will be necessary to set up a website that should include specific technical requirements
A website set up for this purpose will act as stock exchange, in which the prices of the virtual commodities will vary depending on the trading volumes. Our team of Irish company formation consultants can provide more details in this sense. 
The following video offers a short presentation on the main cryptocurrency business ideas that can be set up in Ireland


Why enter the gaming industry in Ireland?  

Ireland is one of the largest markets for international gaming companies. The industry provides a wide category of activities and more and more persons involved in gaming operations use virtual coins, such as Bitcoin, to purchase various products for multiplayer games. Our Irish company formation agents can help investors interested in this sector by assisting them through the entire process of company registration.


Why set up a cryptocurrency ATM in Ireland? 

Creating a network of cryptocurrency ATMs across a region could provide a rapid return on investment and reduced maintenance costs for the company that owns them and this can be an attractive business idea, as the citizens of Dublin, Ireland, have already been familiarized with this type of ATMs
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of Ireland company formation agents for further details regarding this subject. 

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